Workshops & Retreats

RADICAL REST-Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra 
July 6th 2019 3-5.30pm
Little Bird Yoga

Enough rushing! Tear up the to do lists for the afternoon, come and slow down in a nurturing environment designed to sooth the mind. This is your time to cultivate a heightened body awareness while slowing down the pace of life in this master class offered by Cathy. Practicing yoga in this restorative method offers you a gateway into greater self-awareness, and while soothing the nervous system the body is given the opportunity to heal and restore itself. In a world obsessed with being busy, blaze your own unique trail and slow down and open your heart to the divine instead. The workshop will conclude with an extended guided Yoga Nidra or sleep with a trace of awareness, where you are freed of the limits of your five senses and intellect.

The Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival

July 19-22
Townley Hall, Co.Louth

We invite you to join us at The Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival, a 4-day gathering of yogis, teachers, and students with a shared love of yoga practice & lifestyle, movement, and the natural world.

Over 15 senior international & local yoga teachers are coming together July 19th-22nd, joined by healers, massage practitioners, and movement teachers to share their wisdom and knowledge with you.

We believe that yoga is a living entity that has a nearly limitless way of expressing itself in practice. Often in our local studios, we have limited exposure to the vast diversity of yoga styles.

The Celtic Woodland Festival is here to create an experience of yoga exploration, where a wide variety of teachers and styles are all gathered in one place for you to explore.