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Restorative Yoga, Meditation & Transcendental Yoga Nidra 

Saturday, October 5th  at Little Bird Yoga Dublin   15:00-17:30 //  €35

The method of Restorative Yoga can be used to lay the foundation to access deeper states of meditation, the very nature of the practice requires us to place our awareness in the subtle realms of the different layers of the body. Muscles, joints, and subtle energy centers are enlivened which allows for a deeper and more comfortable experience of meditation. This process of slowly delving deep with each movement, each breath, takes us step by step to an ever expanding awareness into the silent space between each breath and thought. The workshop will conclude with a guided mediation into Yoga Nidra (or psychic sleep state) that will focus on a transcendental state where you are able to glimpse the true nature of your being and awaken to your limitless divine nature.

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24th-31st March 2019 Bali Spirit Festival-Indonesia

This will be the 2nd year that I will be presenting yoga workshops at the world famous Bali Spirit Festival. More details coming soon here.


This year I am returning to my most beloved and favourite retreat location Dragon Fly Village Ubud, Bali. Details coming soon but you can expect, lush green nature, delicious vegetarian food, saunas and plunge pools under the stars while staying in an authentic stylish wooden Juglo house in the rice field terraces. And of course yoga. Limited places so if you'd like to interest your interest do so ​here.