Transformational Healing

We hold so much more in our bodies than we can ever fathom with our minds. I am literally amazed in every session and workshop I have ever taken or hosted just how much we absorb & accumulate in our life time; cultural conditioning, religious dogma and belief systems, world mind and family history just to name a few! Its no surprise that we are shaped by our experiences in life, this is truly wonderful and gives each of us a unique story to tell.

Yet not all of what we have experienced has brought us to the truth and realization of who we really are. Much of our experience has been unconscious and lead us further away from ourselves, leaving us unsatisfied, disconnected and yearning for something more. Our minds have taken over and become so busy, noisy and stressed and our bodies suffer pain, discomfort and maybe even serious illness.

Transformational Healing is a process of unlocking, unblocking and liberating our real selves. To do this first we must be courageous and willing to look at ourselves, face fears, take action and create conscious change. We all have separation to heal in this life time and we must work tirelessly to do this, the reward is great love, joy, health and ultimate freedom from pain, anxiety & suffering.  This is a process of self realization. To read more about this. please read this article I wrote.

This very powerful healing session can be held either one to one, in couples or in groups. Sessions can be booked either in Dublin or anywhere you are in the world by SKYPE directly with Cathy.


 "For us it was such a deep experience and you changed a lot for us. Thank you so much Cathy, you took away a lot of pain and anger in me and it really did not come back!!" After a session at The Sanctuary Thailand

Gemma Wilson 



I consider myself super super lucky to have found Cathy weeks before I left Ireland & had the blessing to attend 3 TCM workshops & 1 private session with Cathy. I remembered today how much it has truly helped me heal in so many ways with things I was struggling with before I left on my journey & I feel as though I would love to be there again to go even deeper. 




Thank you for this wonderful and highly insightful summary of your experience of TCM Cathy. It was a privilege meeting you at the workshop in Ireland. What a truly amazing group that was. I very much hope our paths meet again as I'm sure there is much you can teach me. ...Count me in as one who can now only "live bravely form the heart"