The Yogic Science of Spiritual Anatomy - advanced 30-hr Yoga Teacher Training.

This 5 day training and weekend training in 2 parts is designed & taught by Cathy Pearson, a qualified Yoga Alliance E500 RYT, and also YACEP, Continued Education Provider. Teaching since 2005 in Ireland, Thailand, Bali and beyond with over 20,000 teaching hours behind her, Cathy is also a certified Transforming Cellular Healing facilitator, a film maker and a mother. 

In this certified teacher training, you will be provided with an advanced in-depth study of the science behind the Chakra system, the Nadis and Kundalini and experience how that all links into the practice tools of Yantra, Mantra,  Mudra and Bandhas within practice. We will then explore the different layers of the being, the Koshas and why knowledge and experience of this system will create a profound shift in the way you teach & practice, as well as see the world. Most importantly you will deepen your understanding of how all these varied systems work together in a very experiential way rather than as abstract intellectual concept.

The hours for this training can be used towards your Yoga Alliance Certification as part of your continued education and compliments all styles of yoga. Participants can expect to go on a deep spiritual journey within themselves. This training is the fruit of over 25 years of Cathy’s self-study and her close connection with many students, wisdom keepers and elders of the global conscious community. Much of the wisdom embedded in the course is a result of her many years of personal sadhana, self-purification and working with clients on a one to one basis and groups in a transformational spiritual environment.

Registration Requirements

 To receive the continued education certification, all attendees must have a minimum 200hr YTT training behind them. However, this course is also open to yogis with several year’s experience behind them & to others working as professionals in the arena of wellness; teachers, group facilitators, healers and/or body workers (for this a background in yoga is expected). The course will inspire & refine your practice & teaching, inform you how to read your students bodies in new ways, offer new themes to design you practice,  classes and workshops around and for you to continue the process of your own self-realization and journey with yoga.

Training program  
Each day 2 x sessions from 8-11am & 2-5pm

DAY 1:
Module 1: Kundalini Energy – The Serpent, the Lotus and the mud. Transforming the pain & the mundane into the divine through yoga.

Module 2: The 7 sacred sites in the Body. What they can hold & represent

DAY 2:
Module 3:  Accessing the gateways. Application in yoga practice and versatility as a teacher in the moment.

Module 4: The Map to Emotional Stability- processing and trauma. 

DAY 3:
Module 5: Preparing a class/practice on the system of the Chakras.

Module 6: Introducing the Koshas- Annamaya kosha -the physical body (the food sheath) and Pranamaya kosha – the living energy body

DAY 4:
Module 7: Aspects of the Mind- Manomaya kosha – the mental body

Module 8: The Treasure of Discernment- Vijanamaya kosha – the wisdom body

DAY 5:
Module 9: Deepen into Bliss- Anandamaya kosha – the bliss body & the importance of the Koshas system in Yoga Nidra

Module 10: Tying it all together & Yoga Nidra- Relaxation is a welcome by product of this immensely deep practice.

***All modules must be completed and attended fully to receive certification***

14th June Dublin for Level 1 20 hrs Dublin Sept Level 2 

Terms & Conditions
***Certification will only be granted if all hours attended.***

Cancellation Policy

If after payment a cancellation is made less than 30 days before the course commences, payment will be refunded only if we can fill your place with another student on a wait list. If a cancellation of booking is made before 30 days of commencement of course and refund will be granted less €100 to cover admin costs. Very unusual circumstances, like illness or family bereavement will be considered compassionately for a full refund regardless of time allowed.

Waiver: By registering for this training, you agree that you are taking responsibility for your own mental & physical health and that there is no known medical reason why you should not attend this training.

It is also requested that you do not use alcohol or intoxicants during this time and leading up to it. The reason for this is because we will be working with strong energies and meditations at times and intoxicating substances effect the energy of the individual and group dynamic.