cultivate a passion for life on and off the yoga mat

Each one of us needs healing, we have all felt the stresses, losses and pain of life and been molded by our experiences. Then comes the choice of taking these experiences and transforming them into nuggets of golden wisdom or using those experiences to remain stuck, unhappy and settling for less than we deserve. It is here that I invite you to join on an incredible journey of transformation and excitement, let's cultivate a passion for life on and off the yoga mat.

the philosophical yoga teachings are like the rhythm of poetry that the body & breath learn to move with.


I teach Vinyasa Yoga, a method that syncs the breath with rhythmic movement and presence of mind, accessing the energy body which leads us to an understanding of the energetic aspects of life and the Universe. For over 10 years now I have taught people of every nationality all over the world and one thing that emerges each time is that we all experience the same feelings and we are all evolving towards being more human, more honest and more powerful and passionate.

Balance is created when the body & mind are healthy and strong and the body is supple and purified of toxins. Yoga is an age old key to unlock the mind/body. Through asana (postures), alignment, pranayama (science of the breath) and meditation (cultivation of awareness and presence of mind) we can gain self mastery and live a happy and healthy life.

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Cathy Pearson
Cathy has been involved in Yoga since 1996 and holds the Experienced Yoga Alliance Accreditation